How Helen Thomas Changed the White House Press Corps for the Better

It’s a shame so few ‘journalists’ speak truth to power and ask tough questions anymore.  So many are more concerned with ratings that truth.  Helen Thomas was the quintessential journalist, always prodding, always outspoken, always demanding answers.  Rest in peace, Helen Thomas.

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The State: SC GOP lawmaker criticized for Medicaid vote, responds

This is good for racially-driven politicians, but bad for South Carolinians, many  I suspect, of Crawford’s own constituents.  Its also bad for many not so asset-rich health care organizations throughout the state, struggling to survive to serve their communities.  But of course in SC, so-called “conservative” dogma and racial politics trump good common sense and concern for ALL the state’s citizens, an approach that keeps us near the bottom in education, employment, income and a number of key economic indicators.  So, representative (Dr.) Crawford should take great pride in harming SC in order to obstruct the black guy in the white house!