POLITICO.com: House passes debt ceiling bill

The House overwhelmingly passed a bill Wednesday afternoon to allow the federal  government to keep borrowing money until the middle of May, as Republicans  attempt…

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The Feehery Theory: McConnell Wins

While I’m not likely to agree with many of Mr. Feehery’s premises, this pieces does make some sense and is also well written.

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The Hill – Congress Blog: Keeping defense spending on the table

In all the political maneuvering to prevent sequestration, both parties have  advocated divergent solutions of either increasing revenue or decreasing  domestic spending…

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Fox Business: Bill authorizing 2013 U.S. defense spending edges toward completion

With the daily Republican refrain of “… we have a spending problem.”, it begs the question ‘what are we going to do about over half a trillion dollars in defense spending annually?’  At nearly a quarter of the annual budgetary expenditures, certainly there must be a potential for defense savings as well.

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