Tim Wise: What’s the Matter With White People? A Modest Call for Personal Responsibility

Predictably, white conservatives are at it again: blaming black people specifically, and black culture more broadly, for various crises facing the African American communities of this nation. In the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict, and black anger over the racial suspicions that animated Zimmerman’s decision to follow Trayvon…

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CNN.com: Another guilty plea in Mississippi pickup-truck hate-crime death

As with many of these stories, the reader comments are more telling than the story itself.  I expect there will be racist, white supremacist, apologists labeling news outlets as “racist” for daring to report the story.  They will even criticize the existence of hate crime laws.  This makes me wonder what such people instill in there own children regarding race, since that is the genesis of this hateful behavior in the first place.  I suppose the upside is that there is prosecution, limited as it may be.  For 50 years ago, such an outrage would be go totally unpunished.  Beware, the images and language are graphic.