Baltimore Sun: America is angrier and more divided than ever

Why is the nation more bitterly divided today than it’s been in 80 years? Why is  there more anger, vituperation and political polarization now than even during  Joe McCarthy’s anti-communist witch hunts of the 1950s, the tempestuous struggle  for civil rights in the 1960s…

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The Detroit News: U.S. court: Michigan Legislature ‘ignores’ constitution in fast-tracking bills

I suppose this is another example of the ‘left wing media’…   A story with as far-reaching implications as this, occurred 4 days ago, and was scarcely covered by major news outlets.

Read the story: We’re living ‘1984’ today

(CNN) — It appears that the police now have a device that can read license plates and check if a car is unregistered, uninsured or stolen. We already know that the National Security Agency can dip into your Facebook page and Google searches. And it seems that almost…

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Huffington Post: A Federal Bailout For Detroit’s Pensions?

Here’s an economic free-association test. Read the following sentence:

The Federal government should bail out Detroit city worker’s pensions so that retirees can be paid in full.

Some people will approve of the idea. But others will be shocked or angry. They’ll conjure up images of prosperous retirees making a fortune at everyone….

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Miami Herald: Jury ends deliberations for the night with no decision in George Zimmerman trial

SANFORD — Seventeen months after Trayvon Martin was shot dead — and after 24 days of trial and 3 1/2 hours of deliberation — jurors retired Friday night without deciding whether George Zimmerman murdered the Miami…
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WISTV: House Democrats want apology from Haley on voter fraud claims

Just days after a State Law Enforcement Division report indicated no one purposefully cast a ballot in South Carolina using the names of dead people, House Democrats are calling upon Gov. Nikki Haley to apologize for what they call “misleading the public” on the issue of…

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CBS News: Wendy Davis: Gov. Perry “bullying women” to step up political ladder

(CBS News) Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s insinuation that state senator Wendy Davis
should remember her own mother chose not to abort her was “a terrible personal
thing to say,” the Lone Star Democrat said Sunday on…

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The Post & Courier: House Republican proposes alternative to Medicaid expansion

COLUMBIA — A Republican state lawmaker unveiled a plan Thursday that proposes South Carolina accept billions in federal funding for expansion of Medicaid under the federal health care law but instead use the money to create medical savings…

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Detroit Free Press: Growing mounds of petroleum coke raise fears along Detroit River

Hulking, pitch-black mounds resembling coal have grown exponentially in the last week along the banks of the Detroit River in southwest Detroit, prompting concern about potential…

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WAshington Post: Will the GOP’s plan to fight Obamacare in the states backfire?

Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act celebrated its third birthday last weekend. This particular anniversary was a big deal, because it was often unclear whether the law would reach it. In the first place, it was imperiled by…

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