CNN: David Anderson: Whites, the emerging minority

(CNN) — While on a television program several years ago, I recounted a story about moving with my family into a new home in the suburbs of Washington.   As a black family, we were welcomed to the neighborhood with a…

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Advertisements Glenn Ford: Expect “Massive Resistance” to Stop-and-Frisk Ruling

There is no basis for assuming that an innocent population shares the same characteristics as the criminal suspect population in the same area.”  On February 4, 1999, four plainclothes New York City police officers summarily executed Amadou Diallo in a barrage of 41 bullets

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The Detroit News: U.S. court: Michigan Legislature ‘ignores’ constitution in fast-tracking bills

I suppose this is another example of the ‘left wing media’…   A story with as far-reaching implications as this, occurred 4 days ago, and was scarcely covered by major news outlets.

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The Atlantic Wire: Dashiell Bennett : Paula Deen’s Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Was Thrown Out

The racial discrimination lawsuit that tarnished the career of Paula Deen has been thrown out of court, because the judge says that the woman who was suing the famous chef had no right to make her claim. Lisa Jackson, a former employee of Deen’s restaurant…

Read more: As Hasan trial starts, Fort Hood victims feel betrayed

(CNN) — Shoua Her takes great pride in the history of military service in her husband’s family. His father, grandfather and two great uncles fought the Viet Cong…

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Los Angeles Times: ‘Mandatory minimum’ sentences to end for many drug offenders

SAN FRANCISCO — Federal prosecutors will no longer seek long, “mandatory minimum” sentences for many low-level, nonviolent drug offenders, under a major shift in policy aimed at turning around decades of explosive growth in the federal prison population…

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New York Times: Stop-and-Frisk Practice Violated Rights, Judge Rules

In a repudiation of a major element in the Bloomberg administration’s crime-fighting legacy, a federal judge has found that the stop-and-frisk tactics of the New York Police Department violated the constitutional rights of tens of thousands…

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Media Matters for America: Ari Rabin-Havt: 48 Years Later, Conservatives Are Making The Same Arguments Against The Voting Rights Act

Earlier this summer, the Supreme Court struck down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act that helped force states and localities with a history of discrimination to have the Justice Department preclear proposed changes to voting regulations. Representative John Lewis (D-GA), a civil rights icon, described the decision as “a dagger in the heart of the…

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Mother Jones: George Zimmerman’s Biggest Defender: A Racist With a Criminal Past

In April 2012, two days before George Zimmerman was arrested for the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, he huddled with a fellow neighborhood watch volunteer, Frank Taaffe. According to Taaffe, who disclosed the meeting on Fox News, Zimmerman asked him to share…

Read more: We’re living ‘1984’ today

(CNN) — It appears that the police now have a device that can read license plates and check if a car is unregistered, uninsured or stolen. We already know that the National Security Agency can dip into your Facebook page and Google searches. And it seems that almost…

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