RT.com: Pakistani militants kill 9 tourists and their guide in hotel shooting

A group of militants has stormed a hotel near the base camp of the Nanga Parbat peak in northern Pakistan, killing nine foreign tourists and their guide…

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NYBooks.com: Dr. David Bromwich: Stay Out of Syria!

After the troubling revelations of the May 8 Senate hearing on Benghazi, much remains unclear about the attack that killed four Americans last September. Were the killers aiming to prove the incompetence of…

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Al Jazeera: Musharraf put on remand over Bhutto killing

A Pakistani court has ordered a three-day house arrest on former military ruler Pervez Musharraf over the murder of ex-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto more than five years ago, a prosecutor has…

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USA Today: Venezuela opposition to boycott vote audit

CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles Radonski said Thursday his movement will boycott an audit of the election results and push…

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Reuters: Venezuela opposition demands vote recount, protests flare

Hundreds of protesters clashed with police in the Venezuelan capital on Monday after opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles called for demonstrations to demand…

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Washington Free Beacon: Border Patrol: China mobilizing troops, jets near Korea

China has placed military forces on heightened alert in the northeastern part of the country as tensions mount on the Korean peninsula following recent threats by Pyongyang to attack, U.S. officials…

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Slate.com: President Obama Calls on Israelis, Palestinians To Compromise and Renew Peace Talks

President Obama tried to straddle a bit of a middle ground on his second day of
his Middle East trip, prodding both Israelis and Palestinians to resume
long-stalled peace talks. It wasn’t an easy case to…

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RT.com: Chavez’s pal or US-backed rich kid: Who will inherit Venezuela?

An election to be held in Venezuela in 30 days will likely see a tough stand-off between “the Chavez man” Nicolas Maduro and the late president’s main opponent, US-supported…

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Bloomberg.com: Chavez’s Death Could Dim China’s Venezuelan Energy Prospects

China, the world’s second-biggest consumer of crude oil, is likely to delay deciding on new investments in Venezuela’s energy industry to assess any change of political
direction after…

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