As Hasan trial starts, Fort Hood victims feel betrayed

(CNN) — Shoua Her takes great pride in the history of military service in her husband’s family. His father, grandfather and two great uncles fought the Viet Cong…

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Mother Jones: George Zimmerman’s Biggest Defender: A Racist With a Criminal Past

In April 2012, two days before George Zimmerman was arrested for the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, he huddled with a fellow neighborhood watch volunteer, Frank Taaffe. According to Taaffe, who disclosed the meeting on Fox News, Zimmerman asked him to share…

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Anderson (SC) Independant Mail: Security guard charged in fatal nightclub shooting

Security guard Joey Ryan Johnson has been arrested and charged with voluntary manslaughter and assault and battery of a high and aggravated…

Read more: The Zimmerman verdict forced me, a white mother, to talk to my black son about race

After George Zimmerman walked free, we finally showed our 10-year-old the Jackie Robinson biopic, 42. He had trouble sleeping. So did we.   We’re white. He’s African-American. In the past, when we’ve tried talking with him about what’s wrong with the N-word—a word so coolly slung in his favorite songs—he’s told us that “no one cares” about…

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FoxNews on YouTube: “Tavis Smiley Challenges O’Reilly On Black Crime: Let’s ‘Arm Every Black Person’ See What NRA Thinks”


You have to look up until the last statement of the interview.  More telling than Tavis’ challenge, is O’Reilly’s reaction…

Huffington Post: Ted Nugent: George Zimmerman Should Sue Trayvon Martin’s Parents For Emotional Suffering

There has been a lot of emotional discourse, and rightfully so, over the past week.  This one, let’s just place in the category of idiotic, comic relief!  I thought that by now, in his own words, Ted Nugent should be either ‘dead or in jail’…  All I can say is, what’s taking so long, Ted, what’s taking so long?

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Daily Mail: Man, 76, to stand trial for shooting dead black 13-year-old neighbor he accused of burglary

A trial of 76-year-old white man accused of  shooting to death his black 13-year-old neighbor in front of his mother is set  to begin this week.  Some have likened the shooting of…

Read more: Witness says he saw teens get out of SUV after shooting

If you think the case of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL was a misnomer, you may want to think again.  The same saga is poised to play out once again just up the road in Jacksonville, (Duval County) FL.  Similarly, the same biased witness shenanigans are starting again.  Such is the case of the unjustified killing of Jordan Russell Davis.

Read the story: Zimmerman’s Not Guilty. But Florida Sure Is

It feels wrong, this verdict of not guilty for George Zimmerman. It feels wrong to say that
Zimmerman is guilty of no crime. If he hadn’t approached 17-year-old Trayvon
Martin, if he hadn’t pulled his gun, Martin would be alive.

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