The Guardian: Alberta oil spills cause concern over Canada’s approval of tar sands project

Spillages creating toxic ponds harming forests, killing wildlife and contaminating ground water, campaigners say.   Campaigners have raised new concerns over controversial “tar sands” after it emerged a series of oil spills have occurred…

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TheNation: Dave Zirin: Alex Rodriguez and the True Pink Elephant (Elefante Rosa) in the Room

In all likelihood, you are feeling bloated by all-things A-Rod. Maybe you’re repulsed by the person and what you feel he’s done to baseball. Perhaps you’re just sick of the 24/7 media swarm over what a ballplayer…

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CNN: Detroit: The ‘Used To Be’ City

(CNN) — “This block used to be full of pretty little houses with well-kept yards.” When you spend any time in the newly bankrupt Detroit, you get very accustomed to hearing the words “used to be.”    It’s a phrase often uttered …

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Reuters: Halliburton pleads guilty to destroying Gulf oil spill evidence

(Reuters) – Halliburton Co has agreed to plead guilty to destroying evidence related to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the U.S. Department of Justice said on Thursday.   The government said the guilty plea is the third by a company over the spill, and requires the world’s second-largest oilfield services company to pay a maximum $200,000 statutory fine. Halliburton also…

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Huffington Post: A Federal Bailout For Detroit’s Pensions?

Here’s an economic free-association test. Read the following sentence:

The Federal government should bail out Detroit city worker’s pensions so that retirees can be paid in full.

Some people will approve of the idea. But others will be shocked or angry. They’ll conjure up images of prosperous retirees making a fortune at everyone….

Read more: ACLU raises privacy concerns about police technology tracking drivers

(CNN) — Police around the United States are recording the license plates of passing drivers and storing the information for years with little privacy protection, the American Civil Liberties Union said Wednesday.  The information potentially allows authorities to track the movements of everyone who drives…

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Detroit Free Press: Stephen Henderson: Washington must see Detroit’s potential

The White House’s we’ll-keep-an-eye-on-that response to the biggest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history is an astounding puzzler and suggests a dangerous lack of urban vision — and no understanding of Detroit’s…

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Financial Times: Bill to restore Glass-Steagall unnerves Wall St

The latest political threat to Wall Street came from an unlikely pair this week:  Elizabeth Warren, the liberal first-term Democratic senator from Massachusetts,  and John McCain, the veteran Republican senator from Arizona…

Read more: Dr. Wilmer Leon: Oh The Hypocrisy: Cheney, Misleader Into Iraq War Calls Snowden ‘Traitor’

As the whole literate world now knows, Edward Snowden, the former Booz Allen Hamilton infrastructure analyst who worked as a contractor for the National Security Administration (NSA) has leaked to the public the details of the NSA’s …

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