William Kristol: Etch A Sketch Politics

It’s always interesting to listen to Mr. Kristol and similar talking heads expound on the Republican political, social and economic vision for the country.  With the current cast of GOP candidates, he has little to talk about!

Gov. Romney is quivering about from side to side like a fibrillating heart.  Then there is Speaker Gingrich sentimentally reflecting on the 90s Contract With America and wallowing in hard-right, southern strategy politics.  Ah, and of course there’s Sen. Santorum promoting a sort of Christian sharia law.  Finally there is Rep. Ron Paul, who makes more sense than the remaining GOP field, just not enough sense.  Small wonder this discussion centers mostly on vilifying the president rather than articulating what the Republican vision would evoke for average Americans.

Sadly, the policies that led the U.S. into the greatest economic downturn since the great depression are the cornerstone of that vision:  spiraling taxcuts blowing holes in the budget, shredding every fiber of the social safety net, corporations that are people but with no rules or responsibilities, a steady flow of outsourced work seeking labor even cheaper than in right to work for cheap states, belicose language and devastating middle east wars giving oil speculators license to drive up gasoline prices.  Need I go on?

Practically speaking, there’s not much space in terms of results, between Democrats and Republicans, but Mr. Kristol, were not falling for that okie-doke!

Etch A Sketch Politics.


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