LZ Granderson: Why black people don’t trust the police

As with many of the published articles on the killing of Trayvon Martin, the reader comments prove more elucidating than the article itself.  Sorry LZ,  but we all knew that black people distrust the police, and a long litany of similar attacks indicate why.  The responses would arguably make one wonder if there is not a broader group of Americans black people should distrust.

These responder diatribes rarely, if not never, state how the often vicious acts visited upon blacks by the police, and now citizen surrogates is consistent with the treatment that other Americans receive.  No, instead you hear constant excuses for hateful, and in many cases, unconstitutional actions heaped upon African Americans, that harken back to the days of Jim Crow and beyond.



2 thoughts on “LZ Granderson: Why black people don’t trust the police

  1. This the time we all should stop the blaming each other and analyze why this keep happening.Today Media and media attention loving vultures crying over that poor Kid Trayvon, but may be tomorrow it would be other way around. It can be some police officer gets killed by black gunmen. Then I am sure all these media will flip to other side. Media and these media attention loving vultures are like 2 sides of a coin. We need to drop them and see why this is continued to happen. Who really gain from someone’s tragedy? Where are these media and these vultures before a tragedy. Why they show up only in an event like this? Why can’t they educate and help to find a solution. Oh I forgot what they gain by doing that right.

    • If you take a look at the facts in the Martin case as well as LZ’s article and related comments, its relatively clear why it keeps happening. Being quiet about it is what enables it to keep happening. When the problem goes away, the blaming is likely to follow. When a policeman is slain by a “black gunman”, or for that matter a white gunman, which is far more often the case, justice (e.g. arrest, investigation, indictment, prosecution, conviction & sentencing, etc.) is swift and severe! When the same sequence consistently occurs in the wake of slain, unarmed black men / youth, there will be no benefit to your so-called “vultures” for bringing light to these killings.

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