High level corruption nothing new for Sanford Police Department

This article gives but a snap shot of what the police department of Sanford Florida is capable of.  The 21 year old son of a Sanford police officer was video recorded punching a homeless black man without provocation.  The video of the attack was uploaded to YouTube and viewed widely.  Even after receiving the video in an email, the then chief refused to order an arrest.  Ultimately the chief was ousted less than a month before his scheduled retirement.

The referral of the Trayvon Martin case to a grand jury, while a positive step, should not generate broad euphoria.  Such cases are often referred to a grand jury to absolve police officials of accountability for failing to file charges.  One must remember that grand jury composition and proceedings are secret and the records are sealed.  Lovers of justice must be vigilant and continue to demand justice!



One thought on “High level corruption nothing new for Sanford Police Department

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